Part of the services we offer is our unique state of the art Dealer to Dealer Shipment solution which allows you to have full visibility on where a car is at any time in the logistics process.

As a dealer supplying cars to Africa and the Middle East a�� we are able to offer a one stop in house solution with full visibility on your car supplies as well as giving your customers a full end to end solution with delivery to their dealership.

We are able to offer a complete solution a�� ensuring that we control the entire process.

In the UK we are able to facilitate:-

  • Pre Shipment Inspection
  • Marine Insurance
  • Shipment of Vehicles via RoRo, Container or Air Freight
  • Status Updates on Vessel Arrival and Car Clearance in Africa.

In the Middle East, the UK dealer and Africa counterpart are able to see:-

  • Vehicle condition reports.
  • Delivery Status.
  • Delivery sign off.

At Tanganyika Export a�� we believe in offering a complete one stop solution ensuring that your vehicle is turned around in the most effective way increasing profitability for you.