Air Freight :

Tanganyika Export are experts in the arena of critical and time sensitive shipments, we understand the need for reliability when time is of the essence and freight is needed a�?yesterdaya��. We are committed to providing our customers with service excellence and accuracy as standard.

Working as an extension to our clients Supply Chains enables us to identify their requirements in order to find the most cost effective service and solution. Air Freight in general is used for those time critical shipments, Tanganyika Air Cargo provides a fully comprehensive range of services on all routes including express and direct. However, when time does allow we are also able to provide alternative solutions such as deferred and consolidated services to align cost with deadlines.

  • We deliver to and from all major countries in Africa and The Middle East.
  • Parcel and Express Courier.
  • We complete all necessary documentation and consular services.
  • Full range of services available.
  • With our air freight, packaging, and labour costs can be saved dramatically due to faster delivery and better security.
  • We offer high performance standards and the flexibility to meet your changing needs.
  • We offer security screening facilities.

Tanganyika Air Cargo is a leading air cargo and air freight service provider based in East London the UK.


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