Of the standard sized shipping containers, the 20ft units are our most popular for both self-storage and commercial use. Constructed from galvanised steel and fully lockable, these Containers containers can be used for most storage needs where security is paramount. With an internal storage capacity of 1360 cubic feet there is enough space to store the contents of a three bedroom house and are widely used across the UK by storage companies.

The 20ft shipping containers are also a very popular choice with clients for conversion, as they are the perfect size for such purpose. Extra office space, construction site offices, washrooms and temporary accommodation are all popular uses. With our team of onsite engineers able to convert to any need, the 20ft containers can be fully operational for whatever the client requires in no time at all. The expert team can install windows, doors, plumbing and lighting to make the perfect new space at a much more economical cost than a permanent new building. Easy to deliver, easy to install and easy to maintain, the 1st Containers 20ft shipping container can be the solution to storage problems and extra space that is needed.

New 20ft Container in RAL Colour 6007, fitted with 10 vents and Bamboo Flooring, We have taken the double doors off and fitted a Ultra Lath Manual Steel Roller Shutter, that has easy operation, we are able to fit these to any type of container in any place of the container, so for example the side or the back.


TheA� 40ft shipping containers are our largest dry storage units and are perfect the largest of projects. For both domestic and commercial use, they are a great means of storage for relocation purposes. With an internal storage area of 2720 cubic feet, they can accommodate the contents of a large house or office equipment. Being completely secure and fully lockable, they are a much more appropriate option to a removal truck, especially for relocation abroad. With the 40ft shipping containers being one of the two standard sizes in circulation, they are also used in a mass capacity by shipping companies and import and export companies. The 40ft shipping containers are also extensively converted for larger commercial purposes. Along with storage, we have converted the 40ft units for use as canteens, large offices and even accommodation. These containers are fully adaptable and can be securely stacked to make multi-storey buildings. These stacked units can be fitted with either internal or external staircasing, and our expert team of technicians can also fit plumbing, lighting and windows to your specifications.

TheA� 40ft shipping container is the choice of large logistics and transportation companies as these are the units that can accommodate the largest of items, whilst remaining safe from the elements and secure from vandalism and vermin.