Here at Tanganyika Export, Apart from shipping cars, 4×4’s and trucks we can also ship various other type of cargo to A�anywhere in Africa. We can arrange :

  • Shipping Farm Tractors to any country in Africa.
  • Shipping og Agricultural Equipment.
  • Shipping Cranes.
  • Shipping Earth Moving Equipment.
  • Shipping Road Building Machinery.
  • Shipping Train Carriages.
  • Shipping Boats.
  • Shipping Buses.
  • Shipping Non wheeled Cargo Handled on Roll Trailers.

We have a vast network of people who we can call upon to ensure the movement of any of the above types of cargo is handled reliably and cost effectively with smooth sailing to Africa and the Middle East.

We can arrange for port delivery, customs clearance as well as handling any other shipment aspects.

Contact TanganyikaA�for all your high and heavy shipments to anywhere in Africa and the Middle East.